A very rainy Bolesworth

Isn’t it amazing that just 24 hours after having Hannibal’s van towed out of the quagmire that was this year’s Bolesworth Horse Trials, we were already reminiscing on the joys of exhibiting direct to the public and what pleasure they give us.

Last year’s event was a decidedly much drier affair.  This year, sadly, the Heaven’s opened and the beautiful estate with a backdrop of the Bolesworth Castle took one heck of a beating.  Think Glastonbury at its worst and you begin to get the picture.

Trudging through the muddy sludge - Bolesworth 2016

Trudging through the muddy sludge – Bolesworth 2016

Hey, it’s always fun at Bolesworth.  Elegant riders on stunning horses and plenty of opportunity for us to personalise wines for the riders and their nags.  But the organisation is dearly lacking – we, along with 150 other exhibitors hope that the Bolesworth organising committee learn from this experience – don’t take chances with the weather; it can ruin an event for both the public and the traders.

Most popular rose of the weekend was our new wine from Turkey – Kayra’s Beyaz Kalecik Karasi – it went great guns!  Take a look here>