Are you playing our tennis game?

Wow, I have to report that our latest offer is an absolute blast putting together!  It involves being glued to the box, watching the Wimbledon results as they unfold.  Just saw Laura Robson completely thump the #10 seed out of this year’s competition – great opening round from her!  As for Rafa, big shame.  But you can’t take away from the Belgian – great chocolates, great beer, great food and even great tennis players!  I could rant momentarily about how such a small nation compared to ours can produce so many top players, but no time for that.

But really, this is a blast – every time one of the TOP TEN MEN’s seeds wins a match, we adjust the discounts UPWARDS of some our chosen wines.  For example, Mr Cilic is playing worryingly well and has already secured an 11% discount on Edgebaston ‘Pepper Pot’ Syrah Mourvedre – we’d all be bonkers not to participate in this offer!   Have a look at the scores on the doors so far by CLICKING HERE…

Wimbledon email 2


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