Attention – Today is ‘Doomsday’!!!


So it’s official – the last day of February, be it the 28th or 29th (leap year), is always referred to as ‘Doomsday’.

Woohoo, now that's a bonfire!

Woohoo, now that’s a bonfire!

Doomsday actually has two main definitions – firstly it’s a term used for an apocalypse, specifically the end of the world!  And let’s face it, the weather we’ve all endured for weeks on end has been pretty apocalyptic, though I hope the end of the world isn’t nigh – wouldn’t be good for wine sales.  Or maybe it would…… if there were sufficient notice, we could all drown  our sorrows on Domaine La Maurerie organically made Syrah/Grenache!  Delish!

Doomsday’s second point of reference will appeal to the University Challenge geeky ‘wannabes’ amongst us…. Doomsday is a mathematical phenomenon of our calendar, whereby the weekday of any given date can be easily and quickly deduced.  Once you know which day is Doomsday(today is Friday), it’s pretty easy to get the day of the week for any day in February. This is done by adding and subtracting, using multiples of 7.

And here’s something else to help…. the 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10 and 12/12, as well as the last day of February, 4th July and Halloween always fall on the same weekday within any given year.

Confused?  Don’t worry about it – all we know is Friday is a jolly good day for a glass of wine!


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