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Introducing Moldova

First thing’s first…where is it? Located in the Balkan region of Europe, in 1991 it declared its independence but from the 15th to 20th century was passed successively to Moldavia, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, Romania, the Soviet Union, and Ukraine. This is a tiny nation with around 3.5 million citizens, and it’s the poorest in […]


Wine FAQs – What is Organic?

So many questions surrounding organic wines, so here’s a few FAQs that we’ve tried to answer without getting too bogged down in detail : Q.  What is Organic Wine?         Organic wine is wine made from organically grown grapes.   Any chemical compound used in organic grape growing/wine-making must not have any detrimental effect […]


Hannibal’s ‘Back to Basics’ – What does AOC mean?

Ahead of this Thursday’s ‘Rhone Rangers’ LockdownLive! event, we thought we’d re-visit some basic principles of French wine labelling.  Here’s a quick outline of what AOC means : In French – “Appellation d’origine Controlee” In English – “Controlled designation of origin” The principle is that a wine with an AOC classification has a guarantee of […]


Volcano Wines – why grapes grow so well in volcanic soils?

It’s extraordinary to think that volcanic soils are amongst the most fertile, yet it’s true. As volcanic soils begin to age, they begin the processing of breaking down, releasing the very nutrients and minerals that allow plants to prosper – nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and chlorophyll. And because volcanic soil is virgin soil, it’s entirely organic […]


What ‘Organic’ really means & why we love Organic Wines

This past weekend, we spent with friends who are genuinely interested by the origins of our wines. Furthermore, by their support for organic farming and the overall ethical thinking of ourselves and so many of our great producers. But what they really wanted was a simple definition of what  ‘organic’ means when it comes to […]

Summer’s last pink hoorah…

As the sun continues to shine (at least in somes parts), the summer of 2019 is seeing yet more rosé wine being consumed than ever before. Remember, there are two basic categories of rosé wine – the first is where rosé is the result of failed red wine (literally a bi-product of inferior red wine); […]

Blockbuster Binner – pure liquid sunshine…

It’s rare that I talk directly about an individual wine in a blog post, but I feel the desperate need to share with you one of the most pleasurable wine experiences I have had this year. You can imagine that we get through a fair few bottles in a year, continually tasting both wines from […]

Staff Training….. with a difference at Hannibal Brown HQ

We took time out today to consider the importance of a consistent message throughout Hannibal Brown’s ranks.  We all know how critical it is in any business to maintain a steady hand on the tiller whilst allowing the business to gather momentum and steadily move in the direction of success.  So today, we practised singing […]


Its’s Pancakes & Prosecco Day!

Today is Pancake Day!  And on the drive into the office this morning, Jack (our student intern) and I discussed our preferred pancake fillings.  It was no surprise to hear this 19 year old’s response, “Nutella!” he declared.  Indeed, he’d already checked the shelves to see if there was any – sadly not. My own […]