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It’s Burghley time again!

The van is packed to the brim with goodies galore and we’re on our way to Burghley Horse Trials for what will be our sixth year. You’ll find us slap bang in the middle of the famous Food Walk, surrounded by our regular friends, the salmon folk, the cheese folk, the pie folk, you name […]

Hannibal’s Newsletter – January & February 2023

HANNIBAL’S NEWS – WINTER 2023 It’s a funny month, January – most of us see it as dismal, cold and incredibly dark.  The month after Christmas and time to tighten the belt as it were.  Yet we can also look at January as a month of optimism, excitement and anticipation – a month to evaluate […]

Hannibal’s Newsletter – December 2022

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  DECEMBER 2022 After the excitement and celebrations of Hannibal’s 10th anniversary last month – yup we hit 10 years to the day on 1st November – it’s full speed ahead with the Christmas orders.  As I write this in late November, I cannot help wonder how Christmas 2022 will unfold and am […]

Happy Birthday Hannibal!

1st Nov 2012 to 1st Nov 2022 We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to 10 years of Hannibal Brown! At precisely 11.00am on Thursday 1st November 2012, we flung open the doors to Hannibal’s first online wine retail business.   And we never looked back.  Who’d have thought we’d reach this milestone? And […]

Hannibal’s Newsletter – September 2022

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  SEPTEMBER 2022 It was back to normal service at the beginning of the month – and our biggest event of the year – the Burghley Horse Trials.  With a three year break, we had no idea what to expect and so were delighted when the crowds flocked and the sun shone.   This […]

Hannibal’s Newsletter May 2022

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  MAY 2022 We are slam bang in the midst of our busy festival season – and we’re loving it! Fresh back from Badminton Horse Trials (the first event for them and us) for three years, we are delighted to report that the public proved to be a thirsty bunch after such a […]


Hannibal’s Newsletter – April 2022

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  APRIL 2022 The months really are steaming along!  The change of hour to British Summer Time in late March is always so gratefully received, but it’s the extended light hours that really take effect in April. And yet the weather is still doing the strangest things…. BUD BURST In late March, we […]


Wanna know more about Indian wine?

It’s true to say that Indian viticulture has historically had its ups and downs and with it the quality of the wine.  But these days, the winemaking expertise is worthy of mention and we’re as proud to bang the Indian drum as any other wine producing nation. Indeed India has a pretty long history of […]

Hannibal’s Newsletter – March 2022

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  MARCH 2022 After a (semi-) successful January of wine abstinence (yes, even we embrace a bit of the ‘Dry J’ thing), February brought with it an interesting shot at vegetarianism and I am pleased to report that, with the exception of the odd fishy inclusion, it was far easier to conquer!  “It’s […]

Everyone loves a spotlight…

It’s funny how much of what we do at Hannibal Brown revolves around our own worldly experiences.  Just this week, we took stock of some fancy new spotlights to light up Finn’s mudpatch (previously known as the garden).  For those of you who don’t know Finn, he is Hannibal Brown’s resident gentle giant pooch and […]

Hannibal’s February Newsletter – 2022

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that most wine merchants hibernate in January. With the exception of 2021 (a bonkers year of wine consumption brought on by pandemic lockdown), January falls silent, as the world comes to terms with December over-indulgence, over-spend and the dreaded New Year abstention plans.  Uggghh! But here we […]

Hannibal’s October Newsletter – 2021

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  OCTOBER 2021 With a glorious September behind us, we can all sense the chill of autumn descending upon us.  And with it the subtle changes of mood.  We say ‘cheerio’ to our beloved barbecues and a wholehearted ‘woohoo’ to tasty  casseroles around the fireplace.  Out go the glugging rosés and in come […]