Badminton on horseback? Surely not!

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It can’t be the first time (and definitely won’t be the last), but in general chit-chat earlier this week with a friend, I mentioned that we were taking Hannibal up to exhibit at the Badminton Horse Trials> next week.  I was instantly intrigued at the quizzical expression that appeared on her face – and realised (with glee) what she was thinking….. “how on earth do you play badminton on horseback?”!

Huggy on horseback

Huggy and Finn

Now it’s fair to say that the friend in question (nameless to save her blushes) is neither stupid nor ignorant, but she is of South African origin and so it’s vaguely acceptable that she hadn’t heard of this famous British event.  But this didn’t stop me roaring with laughter at her expense!   Thank you to ‘K’ for making my week!

For more info about the event give us a shout, or follow the link above.