Saturday’s Tasting at Westside Lawn Tennis Club

My thanks to the 40 club members of Westside Tennis Club in Wimbledon, who put down their racquets and came along to our wine tasting last Saturday night.   What’s more, they acted as guinea pigs as we seek to develop our ‘non wine’ food goodies – delicious French saucisson sec, tasty crackers and a […]

Clay, Gravel, Sand…does the terroir (soil) really have that much influence?

A well-attended Chateau Cheval Blanc ‘Tasting and blending exercise’ this week, organized by the delightful Richard Bampfield, demonstrated solid evidence of how soil has a fundamental impact on the qualities of the eventual fruit produced at their property. In the vineyards of Chateau Cheval Blanc, they have 44 plots grown on sand, gravel and clay.   […]

‘All that lives must sense it is at home in my vineyard.’ Didier Barral, Faugeres

I first met Didier Barral (grandson of Leon Barral) about five years ago, outside his ancient winery in Faugeres.  He appeared (rather aptly, I thought) out of the top of one of those ‘veggie’ cars, his hair standing on end as though he’d stuck his finger in a plug socket and his piercing eyes wild […]

Hannibal Brown out and about later this year!

  We’ll be out with Hannibal later in the year at a series of markets and spring/summer festivals.  We’ll post more details just as soon as we have our calendar of events confirmed.

Biodynamics, what do we really know?

A fascinating subject for some, mysterious and exciting for many and a load of tosh for others! Whatever we think, our wine portfolio now consists of wines made using traditional methods, organic methods, biodynamic methods and last but by no means least ‘thoughtful’ or ‘natural’ methods.  What a minefield! One thing’s for sure, there are […]

The Vineyards of Gloucestershire

Introducing Strawberry Hill Vineyard, Gloucestershire This is an interesting set up and unique in that the vines are grown in greenhouses – a perfectly sensible way to combat the good old British climate and one that affords English vigneron Tim Chance the pleasure of growing noble grape varieties. The vineyard has 3 greenhouses, with further […]

My English wine adventure…

I’ve embarked on a new adventure; my mission is to find the best examples of great quality and value wines from around the UK.  I will be selecting a number of wines which will showcase what our fair isles can produce. It’s no secret that wine is produced in England and Wales, but it’s often […]

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