Hannibal’s October Newsletter – 2021

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  OCTOBER 2021 With a glorious September behind us, we can all sense the chill of autumn descending upon us.  And with it the subtle changes of mood.  We say ‘cheerio’ to our beloved barbecues and a wholehearted ‘woohoo’ to tasty  casseroles around the fireplace.  Out go the glugging rosés and in come […]

A little Latin and a great story…

Let’s face it, with the squalls of the last few days, autumn is definitely upon us!   And with that, it’s time to pull back on our stocks of the pink stuff.  Don’t fret though, we’ll always have our delicious rosé wines throughout the year, we just manage our stocks a little closer.  It is a […]

Hannibal’s News – September 2021

The Olympics seem like a long, distant memory, as do the Para-Olympics and they were in September!  But remember those blistering performances? And what seemed like an endless flow of gongs!  Well done GB, well done the world – what an achievement after 18 months of…. And then we turned our eye to the possibility […]

Hannibal’s News – July 2021

HANNIBAL’S NEWS  –  JULY 2021  There’s so much to talk about this month, it’s hard to know where to start!   It’s been great to see the Wimbledon Championships take place after last year’s cancellation.  As Wimbledon is the home of Hannibal Brown, we take a keen interest in the tournament and could not help notice […]

July Recipe

Smoked Paprika, Tomato & Garlic Dip with Crostini Sometimes, using up what’s left in the fridge leads to something that stops you dead in your tracks.  How astonished were we when we put this number together and accompanied it with Cotes du Rhone Rose from Georges Darriaud, a deliciously dry, full-flavoured rose wine from southern France.  […]

Dry [White Wine] January

Wine FAQs – What is Organic?

So many questions surrounding organic wines, so here’s a few FAQs that we’ve tried to answer without getting too bogged down in detail : Q.  What is Organic Wine?         Organic wine is wine made from organically grown grapes.   Any chemical compound used in organic grape growing/wine-making must not have any detrimental effect […]

Cured Eggs & Cabernet – what a treat!

Everyone agrees that the simple things in life tend to be the best ones.  And when it comes to marrying the right food and wine combinations, there is nothing better.  But it’s a tricky old business and for years I worked with top chefs and sommeliers, trying to work out the ultimate combos, so often […]

Talking to BBC Radio Surrey!

The other day, we were invited to join Radio Surrey’s Breakfast Presenter, Lesley McCabe for a good old natter about the weird transition from ‘real life’ tastings to virtual wine tastings during 2020.   Who would ever have imagined how popular and successful they would be, broadcasting via a Zoom platform to anything from a small […]

Hannibal’s ‘Back to Basics’ – What does AOC mean?

Ahead of this Thursday’s ‘Rhone Rangers’ LockdownLive! event, we thought we’d re-visit some basic principles of French wine labelling.  Here’s a quick outline of what AOC means : In French – “Appellation d’origine Controlee” In English – “Controlled designation of origin” The principle is that a wine with an AOC classification has a guarantee of […]

Pedro Urbina – a winemaker like no other…

A few years ago, we had a phone call from a friendly Spanish winemaker named Pedro, who happened to be in the area and wanted to pop by and share with us a few of his aged Riojas.  Not wishing to be rude (or indeed miss an opportunity), we agreed to meet with him.  Trouble […]

Volcano Wines – why grapes grow so well in volcanic soils?

It’s extraordinary to think that volcanic soils are amongst the most fertile, yet it’s true. As volcanic soils begin to age, they begin the processing of breaking down, releasing the very nutrients and minerals that allow plants to prosper – nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and chlorophyll. And because volcanic soil is virgin soil, it’s entirely organic […]

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