Bouncing off the walls…


Organic & Bio-dynamic farming – plenty of space for nature to flex her muscles.

After countless years in the wine business, I hope I might be forgiven for not going bonkers over every single wine I taste.  But there is the odd occasion where I bounce off the walls with joy at discovering a new addition.   And this is one of them – an organic, bio-dynamic wine from Saumur Champigny in the Loire valley in northern France.

Saumur Champigny is renowned for its red wines (made using Cabernet Franc) and Thierry Germain of Domaine des Roches Neuves has come up with one that filled me with pleasure the other evening.  A light (my personal preference) , fruit-driven red that wrapped itself around me and made me smile from the inside.    Cabernet Franc is such an interesting grape, quite alternative and for those who haven’t experienced it before, give this one a go, be patient and watch how it grows on you.

What’s more, Monsieur Germain not only works organically, he also adopts bio-dynamic farming principles – a wonderfully natural wine and perfect for the (relatively) warm autumn months.