Earlier this month, Hannibal and the team spent two weeks in the rolling countryside of Herefordshire.  We struck literary gold when we were invited to participate at this year’s world famous Hay Literary Festival – itself celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Displaying IMG_7869.JPG

Anyone who hasn’t experienced this book festival simply MUST put it in your diary for next year – an extravaganza of books, arts, talks, lectures, designed to inspire the mind and broaden our thinking.

As part of our two week exhibitor stand, we were delighted to be sponsor to Kate Evans’ audi book entitled Harmony For Elephants, and in turn supporting their charity, Elephants for Africa.  50% of proceeds of all sales of this book go towards the charity’s work in Botswana – a really great charity to be associated with.Displaying IMG_7867.JPG

This was the first book festival that Hannibal Brown has exhibited it.  Funny really, given that what better combination can there be than enjoying a delicious glass of wine whilst nuzzled into your favourite novel?!  The festival continues for 11 days and we were lucky to be invited to listen to the lights of Noel Fitzpatrick (Super Vet), Evan Davies (Newsnight), as well as a series of talks by BBC Radio 4 presenters and producers.

As for our activities, well we came up with a rather unique ‘literary’ range of wines to capture the attention of visitors and generally get stuck into the festival theme.  Our vinous take on famous books… ever read ‘Of Mice & Malbec’?  ‘Pride & Prosecco’ (a very popular choice)?  ‘Lady Chardonnay’s Lover’?  Or how about ‘Brighton Rioja’?  Suffice to say all great wines, all unique to the festival and all demonstrating in their own unique way the expertise of our label design and personalisation service.


It seems that there’s a lot of businesses out there offering a personalised wine service.  But it may come as a surprise to learn that there’s only one doing it properly… that’ll be us then!  Yup, so far as we can see, Hannibal Brown is unique in its personalised wine execution.  Even those imperious folk on the Brompton Road (you know, the blingy ones with the fabulous food halls) don’t come close to our stunning service – and we’re pretty proud of that.Classic Car Owners Dream Wine

We’ve been tinkering away for several months now on the idea of specialist wine personalisation, so how excited were we when Hannibal took the plunge and agreed to dip into the coffers and take the whole process inhouse?  Yup, these days, we control the entire shabang – inhouse design, inhouse fancy label printing and inhouse application – a real high quality cottage industry and one that can easily manage larger quantities too.

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Harry receiving The Poacher Carmenere, a tribute to his father, the late Richard Meade

You may recall that we were exhibiting at Badminton Horse Trials last month.  Our exclusive equestrian themed wines caught the eye of thousands of horse and wine lovers.   And when World Champion equestrian rider Harry Meade popped by, we were delighted to present him with a personalised bottle of wine in memory of his late father, three times Olympic champion Richard Meade.

Richard’s mount of the moment  The wine chosen for this special occasion was none other than one of our most enduring best-sellers – Casas del Bosque Carmenere Reserva 2013.  Harry, you are going to love it!

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It can’t be the first time (and definitely won’t be the last), but in general chit-chat earlier this week with a friend, I mentioned that we were taking Hannibal up to exhibit at the Badminton Horse Trials> next week.  I was instantly intrigued at the quizzical expression that appeared on her face – and realised (with glee) what she was thinking….. “how on earth do you play badminton on horseback?”!

Huggy on horseback

Huggy and Finn

Now it’s fair to say that the friend in question (nameless to save her blushes) is neither stupid nor ignorant, but she is of South African origin and so it’s vaguely acceptable that she hadn’t heard of this famous British event.  But this didn’t stop me roaring with laughter at her expense!   Thank you to ‘K’ for making my week!

For more info about the event give us a shout, or follow the link above.