Everyone loves a spotlight…

Finn McCool and Jude

It’s funny how much of what we do at Hannibal Brown revolves around our own worldly experiences.  Just this week, we took stock of some fancy new spotlights to light up Finn’s mudpatch (previously known as the garden).  For those of you who don’t know Finn, he is Hannibal Brown’s resident gentle giant pooch and a regular contributor to our Virtual Wine Events.  Just last night, Finn sat stock still as we presented wines online to the lovely folk at Boston Consulting Group who were charmed by his on-screen wine interest (ok, dangling doggy treats does help keep him focussed).  Back to the mudpatch, it’s amazing what a little spotlight can do to conjure curiosity and general wow – the trees (and mud) are now lit up good and proper and the neighbours are dead impressed.

Spotlight on Perez CruzSo it got me thinking about putting a spotlight on some of our wines.  We often talk about our wines with enthusiasm, but now is the time to really turn up the light on some of our lesser known wines.

Starting today, we are launching our ‘Spotlight on…‘ series.  Each week will see added focus on an individual wine of our choice.  It may be a new addition or it may be an old wine that we’ve neglected to talk about for a while.  Either way, the plan is to share some juicy nuggets of info on the wine or winery to whet your curiosity and – who knows – maybe even entice you to buy a bottle!   We’re kicking off the series with our limited edition Carmenere from the Perez Cruz> family estate in Chile, closely followed by the ripe, flavour-filled Maray Viognier from the Limari valley, south of Atacama.   We hope you enjoy discovering a little more in this series.

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