Getting people tasting wine


It’s a tricky description, a wine tasting.  It could spell out a host of variables, some of which are considerably more entertaining than others.

Having worked in wine for the best part of my working career, I’ve sat through some of the greatest as well as the dullest of wine lectures; listened to thumpingly inspiring talks and slept through the dreariest of others.  I’ve tasted among the best wines in the world – and suffered the worst too.  And that’s just the trade side of the wine industry!  MAthis Bastian Winery - Luxembourg

So when we brought Hannibal Brown to life near-on three years ago, we knew exactly what we wanted to offer our valued private customers – a chance to sit back, relax, learn plenty and be totally entertained whilst supping on curios from all corners of the world.

We’ve traveled the length and breadth of Britain presenting our wines.  We’ve  enthused societies, institutions as well as corporates.  Not forgetting the plenty of living rooms we’ve visited, de-mystifying wine as well as retaining a sense of romance with our specialist artisan wines and our unique, informal style of hosting.

So if you fancy oganising your own private event, then for the next 48 hours you can enjoy a 20% discount off the price.  Just give us a shout in the next 48 hours and we’ll gladly find a date to accommodate you.  More details here>