Hannibal is off travelling in Lebanon


Preparations are under way for the arrival of Hannibal’s latest discoveries from unusual corners of the world.

Right now, he’s making his way through  Lebanon, towards the Bekaa Valley on the east side of the country.  Bekaa is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, dating back over 5,000 years and it’s said that this is where Jesus turned water to wine.

Lebanon mapThe Bekaa Valley is very much the fruit ‘n veg garden of Lebanon.   With the less fertile northern limits reserved for nomadic cattle grazing, the more southerly reaches are renowned for an array of vegetables and cotton.

Poppy Fields

Pretty Poppies

Thanks to the work of Jesuit monks in the mid 19th century, many of the best Lebanese vineyards are planted with French grape varietals – all the classic grape varieties are found in abundance.  And with the best wineries embracing modern techniques, it’s not difficult to understand why Lebanon has the capability of producing wines of world renowned quality

Hannibal will be launching his Lebanese wine range on 1st June, so stayed tuned.

For more on Hannibal’s wines for unusual origins, follow this link>

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