Hannibal took a day off…. A fabulous day out…….


……well, it would have been, if it hadn’t been for the pesky British weather turning on us.

Yesterday, we had a family rendezvous on Court 18 at the All England Wimbledon Tennis Club.  Woohoo!

Eagerly anticipated for the last six months by the three family members who are not members of THE Club (nb. to gain automatic membership, I understand you have to win the Championship, or possess super-human skills of some sort, none of which the three of us have achieved or possess – but the other one does!), this was due to be a day of super tennis on the greenest, lushest grass courts in the world.  This, followed by a slap up lunch in the members’ area , on the balcony above the main entrance.  ‘In your wildest dreams’, I hear you say… and you’d be right!  The pitter patter of rain on the bedroom window was sufficient indication to us all that our perfectly manicured court #18 was slowly turning into a muddy slew.

In fact, we ended up playing a semi-satisfactory set later in the day on artificial clay in somewhat sticky humidity.   In the circumstances, it wasn’t bad, but our date with the grass will have to wait another year.  Humbug.

We did however have a super lunch of salmon and smoked haddock, washed down with a very delicious white Burgundy wine.  Thank you All England, and cheers!


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