Hannibal’s at Fulwell Golf Club this evening…


The good folk of FULWELL GOLF CLUB have invited us to present our wares to their members this evening.   Taste of Xmas SamplesWe’ll be trotting along there later today with a dozen or so of our wines.  Indeed, it’s a struggle to go anywhere these days without a few of our favourites under our arms.

At which point, I have to mention three specials : Gewurztraminer from Bon Courage, Riesling from Andre Scherer and Carmenere from Casas del Bosque….  it’s genuinely astonishing… the incredible reaction these wines receive each time they are presented in public.   At all of our summer festivals to date, the public have literally gone bonkers over all of them.  Most intriguing are the reactions from those who state ‘ooh, I don’t like Riesling’, then try the Scherer and are instant converts!   It makes my heart jump when I see the public really appreciate great and unusual wines.  And it just goes to show, the world needn’t rotate purely around branded Kiwi Sauvignon and Aussie Shiraz.

SO HERE’S AN IDEA for all you club managers out there….  FULWELL GOLF CLUB  run what is known as a SNOWBALL competition.  I’d never heard of it before (maybe you have?), but in any case it inv0lves a raffle prize of a continually increasing pot of cash.  Only catch is, you have to be in the club bar to claim it.  The pot increases weekly until it’s claimed – and of course so does the bar activity!  A great way of encouraging a bit of extra bar revenue on a weekday evening.

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