Hannibal’s Bite-size ‘Sip-its’ – Giuseppe Giusti Balsamics from Modena


During my latest travels, I discovered possibly the world’s most renowned producer of Balsamic vinegar.  The Giusti family has been making vinegar for longer The Giusti Familythan anyone else in Modena, since 1605, so they certainly know what they’re doing!balsamic vinegar

The Giusti recipe was passed on orally through the family for many centuries.  Then, for a trade fair in 1863, Giuseppe Giusti first documented the ‘Golden Rules’ to making the perfect Balsamic Vinegar – ‘Choice of grape, choice of vessels and time’.

Giusti became the official supplier of Balsamic Vinegar to the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuelle III, in 1929 – one hopes he knew a thing or two about Italian food!


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