Hannibal’s has a new hat!


When Lexi Straker-Nesbit dons her welding goggles, there’s no end to her creativity.,,,,

Hannibal's hat 1

I recently lent her my hat with which she developed this incredible sculpture that actually doubles up as a wine storage unit.  Hand-made entirely by Lexi and made from mild steel (I’m told it’s lighter than iron), this unique piece of art safely holds up to seven bottles horizontally.                                                      New Hat


And if you’re not as fond of my hat as I am (though why you wouldn’t be, I can’t imagine), Lexi will design and weld you just about anything you fancy.  She has a particular weakness for animal designs – hares, fish, pigs, you name it, they’re all in her portfolio.

What’s in my hat today?  The new 2012 Malbec from Sol de Mayo.   And that oh-so-stunning Hackett chappy’s Old Vine Grenache.  

Hannibal’s hat will be on show at the Brighton Foodies Festival this weekend.  Find out more here



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