Hannibal’s News – September 2021

The Olympics seem like a long, distant memory, as do the Para-Olympics and they were in September!  But remember those blistering performances? And what seemed like an endless flow of gongs!  Well done GB, well done the world – what an achievement after 18 months of….

And then we turned our eye to the possibility of the nation having a champion female tennis player.  What an achievement by Emma Raducanu, capturing the nation’s heart with her smile as much as her success.  Indeed so did her Canadian opponent – how refreshing to see two competitors actually enjoying themselves.  These are the sort of things that keep us smiling here at Hannibal Brown – we need that as the summer draws to a close.

Our ‘Bounce Back’ Open Air Consumer Wine Event was a resounding success earlier this month.  We were delighted to welcome back clients to our open air event in Wimbledon.  Ensuring safety first, we only got slightly soggy in the beautiful garden of Saint Mark’s Church, before the moon came out to much cheer.   Noteworthy wines of the evening were Akurra ‘Unoaked’ Chardonnay and Jacques Bruere’s Cap Classique Sparkling (Champagne Method) – the latter at just £17.99 is an absolute steal and will give any Champagne twice it’s price a run for its money.

Date for your diary –  9th December 2021 – Hannibal’s Christmas wine event – more details soon.

Our Weird Weather  –  as autumn arrived, we moved to a drier spell of sunshine and heat.  This bodes ‘better’ for the wine estates in southern England, but biblical downpours, hectic winds followed by sub-tropical heat have taken their toll.  Indeed, the tomato crop has been less than impressive this year and from our ventures to a few vineyards in Surrey and Sussex, the crops are acutely lower than in previous years.  France too will not produce its normal abundant crop.   But do not fear, we’ll always have plenty of wine to tempt you with!

Hannibal’s Wine of the Month –  this month, we are launching a series of new wines from South America.  Look out for El Relator from Argentina and Longavi from the Leyda valley in Chile.  These were featured at our Bounce Back event and are now available on our website.

Our recipe of the month –  ever thought of making your own Salmon Jerky?  You’ll be hooked when you’ve tasted it.  It’s simple and a great accompaniment to Chateau d’Ollieres Rose from Provence.  Recipe is on our website at https://www.hannibalbrown.com/salmon-jerky-ollieres-rose

Our resident pooch, Finn McCool has been busy joining us in our on-going virtual wine events.  We thought these might die away as we all get used to venturing outside post Lockdown.  But it seems there is still an appetite for online Zoom events.  If you are interested in holding one, do call us to discuss or go to our YouTube channel to see us (and Finn) in action.

Cheers for now!

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