Happy Birthday! Hannibal Brown Wines celebrates 5 years!


We can’t honestly believe it but Hannibal and the team popped the bubbly this week, celebrating their first five years of trading.

Birthday garb!

Everyone recalls the summer of 2012 – the occasion being the wonderful phenomenon that was the London Olympics.  A  summer full of Olympic and Paralympic achievement, backed up with the over-flowing sentiment of public friendship across the nation.   Even the rain behaved itself – and that’s saying something!

One person remembers this year better than most – our very own Jude King.  We like to think of her as Seb Coe’s Wing Commander – single-handedly ensuring The Games were the outstanding success that they were.  Jude, on the other thing, thinks of herself as a tad less grand and just one of the many ‘cogs’ in the LOCOG Committee.  But we know better – because without Jude’s eye for day-to-day business management, there would be no Hannibal Brown Wines.

These days, Hannibal wears two major hats; one is the retail arm that focuses more and more towards wineries that emphasize organic winemaking, such is our strong view that organic really is a better, safer and healthier way to drink wine – and it’s a drum that we will continue to bang throughout this year’s Christmas events.

Hannibal’s other hat focuses on our unique wine label design service and since 2016, we have been running a sister website alongside Hannibalbrown.com – it’s called www.personalisedwinedesign.co.uk.  We really have set the bar in bespoke wine label design for both corporate and private clients.  Critically, we are proud of the wineries that we list and are careful to protect the provenance and key credentials or our producers whenever designing personalised labels.  To understand more of what we do, take a look at the gallery .