Happy Birthday Hannibal!

1st Nov 2012 to 1st Nov 2022

We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to 10 years of Hannibal Brown!

At precisely 11.00am on Thursday 1st November 2012, we flung open the doors to Hannibal’s first online wine retail business.   And we never looked back.

 Who’d have thought we’d reach this milestone? And it all happened in the blink of any eye.

We’d always wanted to be a little different – and we’d always wanted a friendly relationship with our customers.  Goodness knows how many wine tastings and events we’ve held, but we certainly know you’ve tasted a lot!

To all of our customers, we want to say a big thank you.  Suffice to say without you, we wouldn’t be here.  And a particular shout out to those of you who discovered us at the outset and who have been with us on the journey from the beginning.  We are overwhelmed by your loyalty, support and friendship.  A big thank you from Pam and Jude, Co-founders of Hannibal Brown.

Happy Birthday Hannibal.

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