Harry & Meghan – What wines will they choose?


In a past work life, I was more in tune with what the royalty chose to sip on special occasions – working for one of the wine industry’s warrant holders to the royal household gave me more insight to their preferences than most!  There is no doubt that the Royals are swayed by trends as much as anyone else, not to mention of course their affinity for all things British.  So it comes as no surprise to hear that English vineyards are in the running, as well as traditional Champagne houses such as Bollinger or Cuvee Winston Churchill from Pol Roger.  (NB.  Check out Jean-Paul Deville’s vintage 2005 – far better value than your average Bolly!)

What does come as a surprise is that I have heard no talk of any American wines being considered for consumption on Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day.  Maybe this past me by, but it would be a mighty shame because the USA has some of the best wines in the world (though they can be eye-wateringly pricey).  Furthermore, if rumours are to be trusted, then the lovely Meghan is a be a bit of a wine boff – Oh I do hope so!  As a wine buffoon myself, I’d love nothing more than the thought of Meghan carefully choosing wines to perfectly pair the couple’s wedding day feast – with no interventions from the royal butler or the warrant holders.

Last month, we held our very own wine and food pairing event (check out Pinot & Paprika).  The art of matching wines with food is certainly not a perfect science, but some of the pairing skills are not rocket science either .  Examples :   acidic wines need acidic food; textured wines go best with oily foods; highly structured, tannic wines need robust food flavours.  And so it goes on…

Of course, at Hannibal Brown, we’d just love to invited to design Harry & Meghan’s bespoke wine label, but we’ll just have to keep working on our contacts at Buck House for that one!

But let’s be bold and pull out our own choice of wines for a perfect wedding meal :

Salmon Ceviche – choose Henri Bourgeois’s ‘Petit Bourgeois’ Sauvignon Blanc

Traditional Roast Beef – choose Casas del Bosque Camernere Reserva

British Cheese Platter – choose Andre Scherer’s Riesling Particuliere

Lemon Torte – choose Casas del Bosque’s  Late Harvest Riesling

If you fancy learning more about food and wine pairings, then keep an eye on our Events page for future tastings.

And if you want to personlise your wine, check out our sister website – www.personalisedwinedesign.co.uk