Hocus Pocus…….

Another Halloween, another bunch of ghouls wandering up the garden path…

To be fair, my fondest memory of Halloween was with my sister, when we actually managed to terrorize ourselves with a giant couldron full to the brim with some dreadful, steaming concoction, accompanied by countless renditions of “hubble, bubble, toil and trouble….”.  I so wanted to turn into a frog at the age of 5.

This year, Halloween got me thinking about the intensity of colour of some of our wines.  So we decided to put together a case of ‘demonic’ blood reds and gutsy whites.  Not that we want our customers to suffer sleepless nights – well, not through fright anyway – but it did get us studying the amazing differences in colour hues.  You can check out the case HERE>  And in the meantime, this little pic caught my attention and made me smile!Hocus Pocus