Indian wine in a nutshell


Viticulture in India has a long history and there is historical evidence of grapevines being introduced from Persia.

Sula Vineyards Grape Harvesting

Harvest time at Sula Vinyards

During the time of the Portuguese and British colonisation winemaking flourished in India. The end of the 19th century saw the phylloxera louse take its toll on the Indian wine industry as with much of the world.  Then religious and public opinion started to move towards the prohibition of alcohol.

After independence from the British Empire a number of states became ‘dry states’ and the government encouraged vineyards to convert to table grape production.

In the 1980s and 1990s the Indian wine industry was revived as international influences and the growing middle classes started increasing demand.  Now there are very few wineries who produce the quality and quantity suitable for export.  Sula Vineyards in Maharashtra state are one of the few who do and their Syrah and Viognier are fabulous.

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