My favourite wines this summer…

Prompted by an email from a loyal customer last night, I thought I’d share some of my favourite tipples this summer.  Kicking off with a sensational rose that, for some reason, we have failed to put on the website this summer!  So you guys are none the wiser until I sort that small issue out.  Contact us direct to discover our well-kept secret!

Sardinian whites - among the best on the planet

Sardinian whites – among the best on the planet

Another customer prompted our sourcing of Sardinian wines earlier this year.  Parpinello’s Vermentino has not only charmed me to bits, it’s proved a hit at private tasting events during the course of the summer.

Then there’s our old favourite, Nuviana.  This is my default wine – when nothing else will do on a hot, summer’s evening, it’s to this that I turn.  The fridge is struggling this summer and so this bottle often finds itself buried in the freezer.  The colder, the more refreshing this is.  I simply love it – and it loves me.  Did you know we named it ‘Fill ya’ Boots’?  I urge you to discover why.

The trusty folk of Casas del Bosque in Casablanca, Chile continue to impress with their array of award-winning wines (white and red).  The Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2015 has come into its own in recent weeks – it’s a block-buster, full-of-flavour Sauvignon Blanc.  Sensational aperitif, if you like a wine with boldness.

Finally, the masterful wines of Australia’s Philip Shaw Winery…  The Architect Chardonnay is to die for.  A wine that knocks the stuffing out many a top white Burgundian Puligny.

There are plenty of opportunities to taste Hannibal Brown Wines.  We run many wine events throughout the year and are also exhibiting across the country throughout autumn.  Check out our events page for details.