Personalised Wine – we really are unique!


It seems that there’s a lot of businesses out there offering a personalised wine service.  But it may come as a surprise to learn that there’s only one doing it properly… that’ll be us then!  Yup, so far as we can see, Hannibal Brown is unique in its personalised wine execution.  Even those imperious folk on the Brompton Road (you know, the blingy ones with the fabulous food halls) don’t come close to our stunning service – and we’re pretty proud of that.Classic Car Owners Dream Wine

We’ve been tinkering away for several months now on the idea of specialist wine personalisation, so how excited were we when Hannibal took the plunge and agreed to dip into the coffers and take the whole process inhouse?  Yup, these days, we control the entire shabang – inhouse design, inhouse fancy label printing and inhouse application – a real high quality cottage industry and one that can easily manage larger quantities too.

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