Reducing the amount of packaging we use

As we continue to endure Covid 19 and all the upheaval that it throws at us, we are pleased to say that we are still delivering across the nation.  But we’ve discovered two things.   Firstly, that as the local dumps are closed for the foreseeable, our store of disguarded cardboard wine cartons (used for shipping on pallets) is turning into a mountain.  Thank goodness for the use of a very large garage, courtesy of Mrs Brown, which we are using as a temporary storage facility.

We’ve also realised that whilst these shipping cartons are rather flimsy, they are absolutely fine for transporting our local orders, thus reducing our overall carton use.  They may not be particularly pretty (afterall, we do love our Hannibal-branded cartons), but they do the job just as well.  So, to our local customers, you may see future wine orders in re-used shipping cartons.  In any case, it makes no difference to the quality of our wines.

An important fact – we are way ahead of the supermarkets and wine shops on sanitisation because not one person has touched any of our bottles of wine since they left the wineries.  The only time the bottles are handled are when Hannibal Brown staff pick your order.  Rest assured that all of our staff are using hand sanitisers and gloves at all times, so the bottles are clean as a whistle.  This is something important (imagine how many people touch a bottle of wine in a supermarket…).
Today’s recommendation – our deliciously ripe Alsace Gewurztraminer from the Dopff winery.


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