Roman remains in the Languedoc


loupian mosaic

There is a small hamlet in the region of Languedoc – Rousillon in southern France called Loupian.  About 3 miles outside this village lie the remains of a 2nd century Roman Farm Villa which house extensive Gallo-Roman Mosaics.

‘What has this got to do with the price of grapes’ I hear you cry?  Well, originally this villa would have been a modest farmstead, but evidence suggests it rapidly prospered and grew.  The main industry in the area was viticulture and there was a storehouse constructed capable of holding up to 1500 hecto litres of wine – that’s  200,000 bottles of wine to you and I.

The Romans held their wine in such high regard that you can see evidence of grapes worn in the headdresses in the mosaics.

So, when you are next visiting our friends Maria and Michel of Domaine La Maurerie in Saint Chinian, or Bergerie de La Bastide be sure to take the time out to visit the Loupian Roman Villa.

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