South African Wines…. and more

Next Wednesday 27th June, we’ll be show-casing the best of South African wines at Hannibal’s Summer Consumer Wine & Food event.

The South African wine industry is fascinating when you delve into it and it’s only relatively recently that they have established themselves on the international market – indeed the UK is now South Africa’s biggest export market.

With trade sanctions prohibiting the export of wine during the apartheid days, South Africa had literally no voice until the late 1990s.  The first time I visited was in 2000 – it was obvious that with trade relations restored and expertise pouring into the country, the SA industry would explode with gusto onto the world platform.  In a relatively small growing region, the industry is awash with stunning reds and whites – it’s hard to choose amongst the best boutique wineries, such is the extensive choice of quality.

We’ll be showcasing just a few of these, presenting them with perfect accompaniments on what promises to be a gloriously warm evening in Wimbledon.  Doors open at 7.15pm and the evening will begin with a walk-around tasting, followed by a presented wine and food pairing.  We’ll be done by 10ish, leaving the evening still young enough for a quick last glass of bubbly, before bed!

See you Wednesday!  Tickets available here>