Spanish Wine Tank Hijack

French grower protest

Spanish Red spills onto French soil

It seems extraordinary to believe the lengths that a small group of French winemakers will often go to in order to protect their own interests.  Once again, the news this week reports of a series of Spanish tankers being attacked by French militant winemakers and having their contents emptied across the motorways.      Reports say that up to 70,000 litres of Spanish wine have spilled into the French roadside gutters in an attempt to safeguard French wine interests and avert the importation of bulk wine.

Such disputes across the southern regions of France have been going on for years.  Some argue that the French are unreasonable and that their acts of unlawful sabotage against unwelcome imports (and there are many) should be dealt with by the Authorities.   Others report that the Authorities simply turn a blind eye, suggesting they secretly support such actions.   Either way, this small group of militant winemakers are not afraid to create unrest.