Sulphites – Good or Bad?


So2 (or sulphites) used in tiny quantities are neither toxic nor harmful.  It’s a fact.

Sulphur Dioxide (So2) is the additive prescribed to protect wine from harmful bacteria.  Just as it is used as an antiseptic, it is also an antioxidant, ie. It staves oxidation in wine which, left untreated, will turn wine to vinegar.

A scary image of harmful chemical spraying


So much controversy surrounds the use of So2 in wine, not least because of the increasing noise made about the effects of sulphites on health.  Many wine consumers complain of headaches and varying nauseous intolerances. Yet less than 1% of us are reported to have been diagnosed with sulphite intolerances.  This said, it’s hard not to argue on the part of consumers, given the varying degrees of So2 used from producer to producer.

So next time you wonder why the cabbage in the back of the fridge lasts forever, the likelihood is that it has been treated with So2.  If it hadn’t been, it may well have turned rotten before it even arrived through your front door!

Our advice – stay away from the big brands and stick to organically produced wines.  Organic wines apply sulphites very sparingly and only when absolutely essential.

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