Summer’s last pink hoorah…

As the sun continues to shine (at least in somes parts), the summer of 2019 is seeing yet more rosé wine being consumed than ever before.

Remember, there are two basic categories of rosé wine – the first is where rosé is the result of failed red wine (literally a bi-product of inferior red wine); the second is those wineries that go out of their way to produce great rosés.

Earlier this year, we spent a considerable amount of time looking at competitors’ rosé offerings.  On the one hand, we wanted to see how good the market really was and on the other, we were keen to prove that our own rosé listings were competing with the best.

I am surprised, pleased, shocked, relieved – all of the above, to report that we have found no rosé to convince us that our own Chateau d’Ollieres is anything less than perfect drinking this summer.  Yup, we cannot find any other wine that comes close to Ollieres – neither at the price, nor for sheer enjoyment.

Chateau d’Ollieres is (unsurprisingly) situated in the tiny village of Ollieres, 30km east of Aix en Provence.   Owned by the Rouy family, winemaking has taken place here for over 200 years.  They use organic manures and hard-harvesting.  The blend is 50% Grenache, 40% Cinsault, 10% Syrah and the colour is as you’d expect – delicate baby pink.  This is an example of a winery that goes out of its way to make awesome rosé.  For die-hard pink fans, this is one to discover.

Chateau d’Ollieres 2018 – it doesn’t disappoint.  And worth a visit when you’re next in Provence!