Sunny weather – it’s a tonic for change!

Is there any truth in what the papers say?  Often not, but I so want to believe The Daily Telegraph (13th April) when they confidently reported that the good weather across the greater part of the UK would continue well into July.    Well so far, it’s all looking good.  Since Hannibal’s latest foray down to Burgundy and Champagne (7th April), we have been bathed in glorious sunshine.   The ‘vignerons’ were out in force in the vineyards, taking advantage of the fine weather, busily tying their vines and generally preparing them for early budding.

So, inspired by this, we too put the marigolds on and went to work on painting, decorating and general re-arranging Hannibal HQ. Thumbs Up

But why stop there? we thought.  So we’ve extended the clean-up to our wine range and have just unveiled a brand new ‘spring’ collection of mixed cases.   Some of them carry quite incredible multi-pack savings and include top sellers, new additions as well as old favourites.

 Take a look when you have a moment – and don’t forget 12 bottles are delivered FREE across the UK (Mainland European delivery also available.)

Cheers for now, P