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This winery was founded only in 1998 but the Carraro family has been growing grapes for four generations.


Their current plantings are located both in the Vale dos Vinhedos and also in the Terras do Encruzilhada do Sul, part of the more southerly Serra do Sudeste region.

Lidio has struck gold by being selected to provide FIFA’s official wine for the World Cup in 2014.

The winery is just 40 hectares (roughly 40 football pitches) so meeting the demand means they will be sourcing grapes from many other Brazilian vineyards.  It could be said that FIFA are mad to have picked a small, family run boutique winery, on the other hand we must applaud them for supporting the small guys!

Lidio Carraro is producing some of the best wines in Brazil, as testified by a host of awards and favourable international trade press. We will certainly be hunting dow the ‘Faces’ range to bring to you.

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We’ve just had news that Hannibal has extended his journey around the winelands of Brazil, and who would blame him?  The country is not only huge, Wine regions of Brazilbut stunning and diverse from top to toe.

Few of us are particularly familiar with Brazilian wine, yet it’s been around for hundreds of years, thanks to early vine imports from the Spanish.  It was the Italian settlers at the turn of the 19th century who really began to develop it, experimenting with noble varieties and discovering that there were huge similarities in climate in the southern part of the country – ideal for grape growing.

Today, there are over 1,100 wineries throughout the country, mostly small holdings (circa. 2 hectares per holding) and it is considered the fifth largest producer in the southern hemisphere.  Not that this interests us particularly – we are more excited about the considerable quality that Brazilian wines have to offer.  They may not be cheap (it’s an expensive and rather egotistical business making wine in Brazil), but wow, they’re impressive.

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