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As is usual at this time of the year, we are fast preparing for the first of our annual trips to the fabulous horse trials. Kicking us off, as always, is the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials from 3rd to 7th May.  And if we are well behaved, say our prayers everyday, with a bit of luck the sun will shine down on us, just as it did for the duration of last year’s event.


Harry Meade being presented with his late Father’s personalised wine.

Aside from having plentiful wines to taste and purchase on the day, we’ll have a new range of wines carrying a very unique ‘horsey’ theme that serves to demonstrate our wine label design and personalisation service – take a look at the pic here of champion rider Harry Meade receiving his very own tribute wine to his father, Richard Meade.   Using Casas del Bosque’s Reserva Carmenere, we incorporated Richard’s photo into the wine label design and presented Harry with a unique gift with which to remember his Dad.


Sun-kissed Badders 2017

Learn more about what we do by visiting us in the Badminton Foodwalk.  You can taste, buy and even have your own label designed and personalised while you wait.   Click here for more info.


It can’t be the first time (and definitely won’t be the last), but in general chit-chat earlier this week with a friend, I mentioned that we were taking Hannibal up to exhibit at the Badminton Horse Trials> next week.  I was instantly intrigued at the quizzical expression that appeared on her face – and realised (with glee) what she was thinking….. “how on earth do you play badminton on horseback?”!

Huggy on horseback

Huggy and Finn

Now it’s fair to say that the friend in question (nameless to save her blushes) is neither stupid nor ignorant, but she is of South African origin and so it’s vaguely acceptable that she hadn’t heard of this famous British event.  But this didn’t stop me roaring with laughter at her expense!   Thank you to ‘K’ for making my week!

For more info about the event give us a shout, or follow the link above.


evening balloon image

Hannibal Brown at the International Bristol Balloon Fiesta

As always, we like to get out and about in the summer months, meeting and greeting and sampling our wares as we go.  This year, we’re doing things a little differently.

We’ll still be exhibiting at food festivals nationwide.  But equally excitingly, these will be interspersed with some of the biggest and most spectacular events across the country.  Take a look at our Calendar of Events> page to find out more.