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Pork Pie Heaven

Heaven in a Pie

Did you hear that?  The Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Festival took place this past weekend. Radio 2’s Chris Evans had me salivating for one of my porky favourites at 7am on Friday – it’s never too early for a pork pie in my book.

I cannot believe I have never visited a Pork Pie festival and I am about to put it in the diary at the next first opportunity.  To me, it’s always what to serve a pork pie with.  Mustard – English? French? Grain?  Mayonnaise? – has to always be the real stuff out the jar.  Pickled onions?  Branston?  Tomato relish?  Piccallili?  The amazing fact is that there is an occasion when all of these make for the perfect accompaniment (not all at once of course).  Or just plain pork pie, on its lonesome, rammed into your mouth.  Pure Heaven.

So if the condiments all have a place, what about drinks choice?  Well some will argue that a pint of ale is best, others a lager, and others a Guinness.  Once again, they all work.

So does it follow that wine choice is equally as flexible?  Well, I’ve tried pork pies with Pinot Noir – tick; Cabernets – tick; Grenache – tick; Roses – tick; and an abundance of dry whites – tick, tick, tick.   Basically anything with a dry, fruity character and not sweet.

And finally, don’t settle for those shocking supermarket excuses for a pork pie.  Take yourself off to a farmers’ market this coming weekend (better still, join us at the Foodies Festival, Alexandra Palace on Bank Holiday weekend) and select a proper hand-made piece of glory!

For more advice about pork pie choices, contact our very own pork pie gastro-‘gnome’ (Pamela) direct on 07552 123951.   And don’t forget Hannibal Brown’s wine and food tasting events in your own home.

Took Hannibal for a spin the other day, up to Uttoxeter Racecourse for a brand new Food Festival called the Four Seasons Festival.  We went armed with our super duper gazebo (nearly lost it on the Friday evening in a raging thunder storm, but that’s another story) and a van brim full with chilled Prosecco.

The plan is for the Four Seasons to develop a nationwide festival up and down the country next year and the organisers will be looking for support and appropriate venues that will lend themselves to scores of thousands of visitors.


Where did all the punters go?

We were blessed with beautiful weather on the first day of the event, enjoying the grounds of the racecourse on one side and a local game of cricket on the other, with a stunning forest backdrop.  Our gazebos all looked stunning , with plenty of choice on the artisanal food and drink front (I was particularly taken by Mr Posh Pork Pie man – pies to die for  – and I nearly did).  Even the bouncy castle looked ready for a good kiddy trouncing.

So as the doors opened at 10.00am, we anticipated a great day of activity.  But something went wrong…… the punters forgot to turn up.  We were one of 50 odd companies standing dumb-founded at the absence of visitors, as were the few that did discover the event was taking place.  A huge disappointment for all involved after so much effort had clearly gone into making the event a success.

So if anyone knows where the public went, please contact Charmaine at http://fourseasonsfestival.co.uk or tweet her @fourseasfest

Worst of all, we didn’t take enough money to buy a Posh Pork Pie or a slice of Jamon all weekend!  Ah well, roll on Battersea Feast Festival later today and all weekend –  http://foodiesfestival.com/event/feast-battersea-park/