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Doors open 6.45pm, Trinity Hall, Mansel Rd, Wimbledon.

Hot on the heels of our hugely successful Autumn Wine Event comes our final consumer event of the year….  Thursday 12th December…. yup, that’s right, 12th December, we invite you to our Christmas Wine Tasting.  Mr Johnson, we arranged this date way before you sprung your last-minute General Election on the nation, so we are going ahead, full throttle with a festive event and a touch of obligatory satire, bien sur!

We believe we owe it to you, our loyal wine followers, as well as our dishevelled government, to puff some festive cheer into this important evening.  So we’re gathering together some of our very finest wine and food pairing ideas to stimulate your tastebuds and see you through to the end of another decade.  Tickets are just £25 and are selling fast.  Book HERE>