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Doors open 6.45pm, Trinity Hall, Mansel Rd, Wimbledon.

Hot on the heels of our hugely successful Autumn Wine Event comes our final consumer event of the year….  Thursday 12th December…. yup, that’s right, 12th December, we invite you to our Christmas Wine Tasting.  Mr Johnson, we arranged this date way before you sprung your last-minute General Election on the nation, so we are going ahead, full throttle with a festive event and a touch of obligatory satire, bien sur!

We believe we owe it to you, our loyal wine followers, as well as our dishevelled government, to puff some festive cheer into this important evening.  So we’re gathering together some of our very finest wine and food pairing ideas to stimulate your tastebuds and see you through to the end of another decade.  Tickets are just £25 and are selling fast.  Book HERE>

The weatherman encouraged me this morning to believe that Spring really is just round the corner, with today’s weather not too dissimilar to that of northern Spain.

So it seemed appropriate to unveil the first of our consumer wine tastings of 2019…..  entitled Malbec & Masala, it’s our Spring pairing of fine wines with tempting food types using spices from around the world.  It’s hot on the heels of last year’s hugely successful Pinot & Paprika tasting.  Such was the popularity of this event, that we’ve decided to run a similar theme, albeit we are pushing the boundaries yet further – Six devilishly delicious food types paired with six artisan wines.  And a raft of other wines to taste and discover at your leisure.

For the concerned few, remember,  not all spice is hot!

We want to share the secret of wine and spice with our guests.  After all, what’s life without a bit of wine and spice thrown in?!

Venue :  Trinity Hall, Wimbledon, SW19

For more details and tickets – call us on 020 3876 8008 or click on the link HERE>

The American, An Architect & A Truffle

Just 3 days to go before Measure 4 Measure throws open its doors – and we’re crazy with anticipation!  The latest, carefully crafted wine, food and music combination has been agreed…  What better ‘crafted’ wine than one that is actually namedThe Architect‘?  One of the finest winemakers in Australia today, Philip Shaw’s Chardonnay really is a piece of architectural wine perfection.

We’ve paired this wine with a wild mushroom risotto, itself dosed with a generous topping of truffle.  Together, this will be quite a humdinger of a flavour sensation.  And so our choice of music is too…. Antonin Dvorak’s ‘American’ – we think the pairing is inspired and we hope you do too!

Join us this Friday 19th October to Wimbledon Library (next door to the train station) and experience the entire wine and music discovery for yourself.  Details and tickets HERE>

English Wine, Elgar and Smoked Salmon

Our latest event (Measure For Measure, Fri 19th Oct, Wimbledon)  is looming large and these last few days, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our wine, food and music combinations.  We thought we’d give you a sneak preview…

One of England’s greatest composers, Edward Elgar, comes together with one of England’s greatest wine estates, Davenport Vineyards, the latter farming organically in Kent and Sussex.  This sensational wine was judged to be ‘the holy grail of English still white wine’ (jancisrobinson.com, June 2018).  And if that isn’t enough, we’re show-casing it with a delicious salmon mousse canape to set your tastebuds alight.

Come and join us for this extravaganza of fine music, fine wine and find food – you’d be foolish not to!

Friday 19th Oct – 7.30pm Wimbledon Arts Space, Wimbledon Library, SW19

Since Hannibal Brown Wines was founded in 2012, it’s hard to believe but we’ve now hosted over 100 wine tastings!  Yup, from the top of Canary Wharf to a blacksmith’s forge in Kilburn, to a car mechanic’s cobbled yard and even a dentist’s surgery(!), there really isn’t a venue that doesn’t lend itself to a great wine evening.

Of course, we also present in the comfort of swanky living rooms, but what better, during the sweltering summer of 2018, than to hold a outside garden event?  All you really need is, well, a garden and some guests.  Oh and of course oodles of sunshine – no problem there this year!

Hannibal’s bar, built on-side for a summer garden party 2018

Last week we set up Hannibal’s famous pallet bar for the benefit of a host of TV presenters (all of whom you will know, none of which I will mention here – think The Today Programme, 10 O’clock News, a certain Sunday morning political show, you get the gist).  Setting up a wine bar is such an easy thing to do, and creates a focus for guests and hosts alike.

Join us at 30 Donnington Road, Worcester Park for Linden Lodge Wine Event – Friday 10th August

Next month, we’ll be holding a presented wine tasting as a fundraiser for Linden Lodge School – a Wandsworth-based specialist school catering for visually impaired children.  Taking place at 30, Donnington Road, Worcester Park, we’ll be creating the most incredible evening in the surrounds of a beautiful private garden.    We’ll have wines and wine facts galore.  And of course we’ll be tempting guests with some simple food accompaniments.    If you’d like to come along, tickets are £25 and all proceeds are going to Linden Lodge.  There’ll be an auction of some crazy prizes during the evening.  If you’d like to come along, please call us on 030 3876 8008.


Thanks to all those who came along to our Cabernet & Cacao wine and chocolate pairing extravaganza last Wednesday, the latest in the “Hannibal Brown Presents…..” series of wine tastings in collaboration with other local specialist businesses. Delicious Truffles & Bubbly

Held at the newly opened Tara Arts Theatre in Earlsfield (none other than Mayor Sadiq Khan carried out the opening honours last month), this was one of Hannibal’s more unusual wine tastings, in that we joined up with artisan chocolatier For The Love Of Chocolate (Tooting) and matched a series of sparkling, red and dessert wines with specialist chocolates from around the Equator.  Jude opened the event, introducing guests to the different sides of Hannibal Brown, including our specialist design arm, Personalised Wine Design .co.uk.

45 wine and chocolate lovers lined up to experience the various combinations.  Wines included dry rose sparkling, couple with Champagne truffles with salted caramel; Simon Hackett’s full and fruity ‘old vines’ Grenache; an Australian Topaque; a Banyuls to die for from Domaine Cazes and of course Casas del Bosque’s award-winning Late Harvest Riesling (the latter being my personal favourite on the evening).Having a few laughs!

We know that wine and chocolate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But it’s surprising how many people’s it is!  The chocolates were devoured, the bubbly flowed and the backdrop of the new theatre made this a memorable evening of wine tasting, socialising and networking.

Hannibal’s next event is THE FINCA TRAIL which takes place in Wimbledon on Thursday 3rd November.  Anf especially for those with a slightly less sweet tooth, this event will incorporate specialist cheeses from our good friends at the Orsom Dairy in Nantwich that are sure to enhance an evening of worldwide wine and travel discovery.  All the details can be found here>

Hannibal Brown Wines pride themselves on their wine tastings – always entertaining, always informative as well as full of energy.  Feel free to contact us anytime on 01372 253170 should you wish us to run a wine event for you – be it in your office, in your living room or on a sunny lawn during the summer months, we’ll accommodate pretty much any wine requirement!

KeisersbergIf you’ve never visited Alsace, put it on your list of places to visit before you die.  The region is, without question, a ‘must see’.  What’s more, we’ll put you in touch with our good friend Christophe Scherer, son of Andre, who will delight in showing you around his impressive (albeit tiny) cellar.

Known to most for their Rieslings, there are in fact several more grape varieties to choose from.  The most notable are Sylvaner, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir.   Then there’s the Cremant d’Alsace – made in exactly the same way as Champagne, but a fraction of the price (more on Cremant to follow shortly).

Unlike other French regions, local Alsatian wine regulations state that the grape variety must appear on the front label.   You might argue that this could be to do with the Germanic influence in the region (remember Alsace has passed from German to French rule fairly regularly and as such has its own very unique way of going about things).

We visited Christophe Scherer last year who, with his wife, now runs the family business of Andre Scherer Wines.   Welcoming us to his property in nothing more than shorts, T-shirt and wellies, we knew we had a friend and Scherer Signsupporter of Hannibal Brown forever!

JK and Christoph Scherer

Jude and Christoph Scherer in his cellar

Christophe prefers to pick his Riesling relatively early, focussing on freshness with good, racy acidity.  His Riesling Reserve Particuliere is a great example of the style that he favours.  His Pinot Gris Reserve is a new addition to our range – full-flavoured and ripe, it makes for a wonderful contrast to the zippy Riesling.

The beauty of Alsace is extraordinary, the wines are delightful and the romance is well and truly alive.

And when you’ve had enough of the Route du Vin d’Alsace, step onto the Route du Fromage – this is Munster land afterall!

Today, we unveil the date of our next big wine event at a fantastic, newly built venue.  Join us for Hannibal’s



Venue :  Wimbledon Park Hall, Arthur Road, Wimbledon, London

Time :  6.30 – 9.30pm

Tickets :  £15.00 each (100% redeemable on case purchases)

The event includes the following :

  • Taste up to 25 wines from Hannibal’s portfolio at your leisure
  • Enjoy delicious cheeses from a local artisan producer
  • Attend a masterclass hosted by Hannibal Brown Director Pamela Gregory, entitled ‘Why Organic’?
  • Limited ticket available so don’t delay

BOOK NOW! Tel : 01372 253169 OR CLICK HERE>

I was lucky enough to find time to visit the Wines of Portugal tasting this week.  As usual, I lost my way between the building site that appears to be Victoria Station and the Royal Horticultural Halls.  But I did stumble across a lovely little pub called The Windsor Castle.  If you are in the v

Portuguese wines

icinity, take a look.  Once known as The Cardinal, it’s had a re-furb, taking it back to what apparently was its former glory.  Etched glass windows throughout, plenty of wood panelling and quaint, little cubby holes for pairs of people (or if you don’t want to be sociable, even singles).

Afraid I can’t vouch for the service or beer as my mission that day was all about seeking out the best wines of Portugal.  And what a great show it was!  Lots of producers, not just agents presenting their wares – from the driest, teeth-chattering white Loureiro varieties (citrus and floral), to mouth-watering Alvarinhos (juicy, tropical and peachy), to deep,  complex Touriga Nacionals (dense, fragrant, velvety tannins).

There were of course a few shockers dotted about the exhibition that made you want to run for the Sensodyne, but on the whole this was a fascinating exploration around the vineyards and regions of Portugal.

Portugal may not necessarily enter the market at the £5 mark, but what it does offer is incridible complexity and interesting wines.  Watch out for some new listings in the coming weeks.   We’ll be bringing in sublime Vinho Verde (just the white variety, NOT the red) and Touriga Nacional for starters.


Saturday 2nd March, across the Epsom cricket pitches and around the empty tennis courts all that could be heard was the delicate clinking of glasses, nibbling of cheese and  a gentle murmur seeping from the walls of the Epsom Hockey Club…YEAH RIGHT!

Epsom HC Tasting

Think of the TV programme QI and combine it with 37 hockey players, add wine and cheese, shake thoroughly and voila!

Lots of fun was had by all.  The Cape Chamonix White and Sol de Mayo Cabernet Sauvignon proved to be particularly popular.  People discovered their like or dislike for white Rioja, realisation emerged as to just how much wine is produced in France compared to the rest of the world and one attendee even found out how much wine it takes before you fall off your chair – movie soon to be released.

Epsom Hockey Club proved to be a brilliant venue for the event and those who attended proved to be excellent entertainment.  Thanks to everyone involved and Hannibal looks forwards to the next tasting – planning has already commenced.

If you fancy a tasting at your own home then get in touch, it’s a great way to spend an evening with friends.

And if you want to see the full collage of pics, go to Hannibal’s Facebook page.  The video is coming……!!!

A well-attended Chateau Cheval Blanc ‘Tasting and blending exercise’ this week, organized by the delightful Richard Bampfield, demonstrated solid evidence of how soil has a fundamental impact on the qualities of the eventual fruit produced at their property.

In the vineyards of Chateau Cheval Blanc, they have 44 plots grown on sand, gravel and clay.   We tasted a serious of sample wines derived from each soil base.   Each wine had very different characteristics consistent with the soil content of each plot.

Vines grown in Sand in the Languedoc

Sand  –  Almost no retention of water, therefore the vine will continue to grow and grow and grow.  The vine needs constant attention to manage the growth.

Result?  Very high fruit yield and medium bodied wines.

Gravel – Less water retention, which can lead to the vine drying out or over-ripeness in fruit if not cared for.

Result?   Precise nose, complex aromas, full-bodied wines, great colour and quite high tannins

Clay – Retains the water, which you might think dangerous (vine saturation and rot) but the water is held ‘within’ the clay.  It doesn’t pool around the roots and stays away from the vine until such time it is called upon – essentially in the dry months – when there is sufficient residual moisture to drip-feed the vine and Result?   Smaller fruit, with a higher sugar level and great power.

Suffice to say that Ch Cheval Blanc and Petit Cheval (their second label) are largely made up of fruit grown on gravel and clay, with their sand-based fruit sold off in bulk.

I shall be testing the Cheval Blanc theory on my tomatoes this year and will revert back with my results in late summer.