The best wines of Hannibal Brown’s Spring Wine Tasting

Our recent Spring Wine Tasting caused quite a stir last month.  Reason?  Well to keep things real and relevant, we decided to contrast the characters of Donald Trump and Meryl Streep with the characters of 22 of our exhibited wines.  We all know that Mr T likes to throw his weight around, enjoys being ‘au contraire’ and speaks his mind with openness and force.  So why not take those traits and apply them to a range of our equally outspoken big wines?  Which is exactly what we did.  As for Meryl, when it comes to her acting abilities, she’s more of a chameleon – intriguing, interesting and assured.  So again, we applied these values to the other half of our more classic wine range.

Chalk and Cheese

The Trump vs Streep case is now available to purchase HERE>

The resulting top ten favourites are show below.

  1.   Rioja Reserva ‘Gavanza’ 2008, Dominum  –  STREEP
  2.   Vermentino ‘Ala Blanco’ 2015, Poderi Parpinello   –   TRUMP
  3.   Syrah ‘Gran Reserva’ 2013, Casas del Bosque     –   TRUMP
  4.   The Pepper Pot 2013, Edgebaston Winery          –   TRUMP
  5.   Chardonnay ‘Reserva’ 2013, Casas del Bosque   –   TRUMP
  6.   Chablis 2016, Domaine des Malandes                –   STREEP
  7.   Soave ‘Castelforte’ 2014, Colli Scaligeri              –   STREEP
  8.   Sauvignon de Touraine 2015, Guy Allion             –   STREEP
  9.   Gruner Veltliner ‘Strasser Weinberge’ 2015, Arndorfer   –   TRUMP
  10.   Malbec 2015, Santa Julia, Argentina                   –   STREEP
So whilst STREEP wins pole position, TRUMP lovers cannot be ignored..!   So much so that our next tasting (6th July – get your tickets now!) will carry an equally intriguing and topical theme to keep you on your toes!