The doggy has spoken…


Hopefully you’ll be aware that our latest wine tasting event under the ‘Hannibal Brown Presents….’ series is looming large.   Taking place on 12th October, Cabernet & Cacao will be an evening of discovery into the best wine and chocolate pairings money can buy.

So in the name of preparation (and not wishing to go into this blind), we’ve been busy all this week guzzling on various wines and matching them with different grades of delicious chocolate, all supplied by our good friends at Harry’s Chocolate Emporium in Tooting.

FullSizeRender (1)

Scrumpy – what a little angel

But disaster struck this morning, as business meetings got in the way of personal responsibility to Scrumpy, our nutty little Spaniel who, in our short absence, also decided to have a shot at chocolate tasting.

And here’s the interesting point…. we deduced from the empty wrappers strewn across the carpet that she (like us) is less keen on the higher sugar/high cocoa butter content of certain chocs, preferring instead the higher tannin, higher cacao, more bitter style. So, we have a discerning, healthy hound that, given half a chance, would probably ransack the cellar for the best Bordeaux wines too!

Join us on the 12th – we’ll be at the newly opened Tara Arts Theatre from 6pm onwards.  We’ll be showing our personalised wine ideas for Christmas and will also be launching our Christmas wine gift range.

Important note to dog-owners :  chocolate nor wine is good for hounds, so steer clear at all times.