The Ultimate Garden Wine Tasting Event


Since Hannibal Brown Wines was founded in 2012, it’s hard to believe but we’ve now hosted over 100 wine tastings!  Yup, from the top of Canary Wharf to a blacksmith’s forge in Kilburn, to a car mechanic’s cobbled yard and even a dentist’s surgery(!), there really isn’t a venue that doesn’t lend itself to a great wine evening.

Of course, we also present in the comfort of swanky living rooms, but what better, during the sweltering summer of 2018, than to hold a outside garden event?  All you really need is, well, a garden and some guests.  Oh and of course oodles of sunshine – no problem there this year!

Hannibal’s bar, built on-side for a summer garden party 2018

Last week we set up Hannibal’s famous pallet bar for the benefit of a host of TV presenters (all of whom you will know, none of which I will mention here – think The Today Programme, 10 O’clock News, a certain Sunday morning political show, you get the gist).  Setting up a wine bar is such an easy thing to do, and creates a focus for guests and hosts alike.

Join us at 30 Donnington Road, Worcester Park for Linden Lodge Wine Event – Friday 10th August

Next month, we’ll be holding a presented wine tasting as a fundraiser for Linden Lodge School – a Wandsworth-based specialist school catering for visually impaired children.  Taking place at 30, Donnington Road, Worcester Park, we’ll be creating the most incredible evening in the surrounds of a beautiful private garden.    We’ll have wines and wine facts galore.  And of course we’ll be tempting guests with some simple food accompaniments.    If you’d like to come along, tickets are £25 and all proceeds are going to Linden Lodge.  There’ll be an auction of some crazy prizes during the evening.  If you’d like to come along, please call us on 030 3876 8008.