Why are there so many bubbles in Brazil?

Porto Alegra is the capital of the state of Rio Grand Do Sul which borders with Uraguay and is the best known wine region in Brazil.regions-of-brazil

The region has the reputation of being especially european in climate and also in its original inhabitants.  Many German and Swiss settlers were attracted there and you can see commemorations to these early settlers in the museums and parks.

Vale dos Vinhedos, in Rio Grande do Sul, is famous for its vineyards and is in fact where a number of our Brazilian wines come from.  The majority of the inhabitants in this area originally immigrated from Veneto in Italy – where you will find an enormous amount of Prosecco is produced.

So, why are there so many bubbles in Brazil? Because the Prosecco loving Italians hopped over the water bringing their wine making skills and their penchant for fizz!

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