Why everyone loves Malbec

Having recently introduced (by popular demand) another Argentine Malbec to our range, we started asking ourselves the question… “why do people love Malbec so much?”

It’s a funny one… most people seem to think Argentina when discussing Malbec.  Yet Malbec originated in France, where it is a relatively obscure and minor component in Bordeaux blends; and then it produces a bruiser of a ‘black’ wine further south.  Furthermore, Malbec only really became a major Argentine varietal in the mid ’90s (although it was introduced as far back as the late 1800s). Healthy Malbec

Price-wise, the Argentine offering starts at a relatively inexpensive price point, which is always an attraction.  Whilst Argentine examples are relatively consistent from vintage to vintage, character-wise, Malbec can vary hugely : fruit-driven, soft and elegant, to tannic, spicy, full-bodied with plenty of structure.

For us, we think the words ‘fresh’ and ‘mellow’ are key to the general love affair.   Malbec doesn’t bite – the acidity is generally balanced and the berry ripeness is fresh and vibrant.

Whatever the reason for loving Malbec, who really cares? – let’s get stuck in!  Today’s offer>

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